NCPC monthly meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice due to COVID-19

To register please email us at: [email protected]

Time: General Meeting 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.

When: Every 2nd Thursday of each month

2022 Board Meeting Agendas Board Meeting Minutes General Meeting Agendas General Meeting   


January BOD Agenda 01-10-22 BD Minutes 01-10-22 GM Agenda 01-13-22 NCPC GM Minutes 01-13-22 SFFC Short Community Presentation
February BOD Agenda 02-07-22 BOD Minutes 02-07-22 GM Agenda 02-10-22 GM Minutes 02-10-22 2022.02.10 MPI PPT


March BOD Agenda 03-7-22 BD Minutes 03-07-22 GM Agenda 03-10-22  GM Minutes 03-10-22  
April BOD Agenda 04-04-22 BD Minutes 4-04-22 GM Agenda 04-14-22 GM Minutes 4-14-22  
May BOD Agenda 05-02-22  

BD Minutes 05-02-22


GM Agenda 05-12-22 GM Minutes 05-12-22 2022.05.12 NCPC fentanyl update

Fentanyl The Facts Every Community Leader Needs to Know  – Cindy Cipriani, Assistant U.S. Attorney


June BOD Agenda 06-06-22 BOD Minutes 06-06-22.doc  

GM Agenda 6-09-22


NCPC GM Minutes.06-09-22 General Overview TrueLife Presentation – Teen Recovery Center, Marisa Venancio, Program Mgr.
July BOD Agenda 07-11-22 BOD Minutes 07-11-22.doc GM Agenda 07-14-22 GM Minutes.07-14-22 Youth Coalition BTR Club Year-end Highlights

BTR Positive Norms

RBV Policy Club 2021-2022 Recap

VHS STAY Club 2021-2022 Recap

August BOD Agenda 08-01-22 BD Minutes 08-01-22 GM Agenda 08-11-22 GM Minutes.08-11-22 PPT Tobacco Team. 8-11-22
 September BOD Agenda 08-29-22 BD Minutes 08-29-22 GM Agenda 09-08-22 GM Minutes.09.08.22 Local Candidate Forum-
October BOD Agenda 10-3-22.doc BD Minutes 10-3-22 GM Agenda 10-13-22 GM Minutes.10-13-22 Presentation: Corrine Shea, One Choice Initiative
November BOD Agenda 11-07-22 BD Minutes 11-7-22 GM Agenda 11-10-22.docx NCPC GM Minutes.11.10.22  
December BOD Agenda 12-05-22 BD Minutes 12-5-22.doc GM Agenda 12-08-22 FINAL NCPC GM Minutes. 12-08-22