Quitting smoking is hard. It takes time and practice to quit for good.

Kick It California, formally the California Smokers’ Helpline, is a FREE telephone/text/chat based counseling program designed to help people quit for good. People who use the California Smokers’ Helpline are twice as likely to quit as those who do not.


  • 1-800-800-8086
  • 1-800-600-8191 Español


  • QUIT SMOKING to 66819
  • QUIT VAPING to 66819
  • DEJAR DE FUMAR al 66819
  • NO VAPEAR al 66819

Thinking about cutting down, quitting or trying to stay quit? Quitting can be tough, even if you don’t smoke or vape every day. You may be ready to quit but aren’t sure what resources are available to you. 60% of young adults want to quit:

Using resources such as these can increase your chances of quitting:

Download the No Vape app on your iPhone or Android

This app. has features that will help you prepare to quit and stay quit, with strategies you can get right from the palm of your hand.


Download the quitSTART app on your iPhone or Android

The quitSTART app is a free smartphone app that helps you quit smoking with tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges.


Text DITCHVAPE to 88709 

Truth: This Is Quitting – First of its kind text to quit vaping program. To sign up text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709 or sign up at thetruth.com


Visit smokefree.gov

This website provides services for all ages with tools and tips to build a quit plan, manage cravings, and more.  


Visit the Truth Initiative

The Truth Initiative is America’s largest non-profit public health organization committed to making tobacco use and nicotine addiction a thing of the past.  


This is your life.  Don’t let tobacco control who you are and what you do.  

Quit Smoking/Vaping Resources for Teens and Young Adults


Nicotine Replacement Therapies

The FDA has 7 approved quit smoking medications, 5 Nicotine Replacement Therapies and 2 medications. There is no scientific evidence that support the efficacy or safety of e-cigarettes as a tobacco dependence product. In fact, e-cigarette use among teens is associated with a higher likelihood of using regular tobacco and lower rates of smoking cessation.  If you need to speak to a clinician about nicotine replacement therapy options, visit or contact Vista Community Clinic

In-Person Support

Vista Community Clinic offers FREE in-person quit smoking classes and support group to anyone 18 years or older. Classes for traditional cigarettes users. All classes at located at Vista Community Clinic’s Vale Terrace Site at 1000 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, CA 92084 

In Person Classes are Currently ON HOLD until further notice. 

For more information contact Ceci Velazquez at [email protected] or  760-631-5000 ext. 7166. 

Class topics cover the following:

Class Topic Incentive
1 Thinking About Quitting
Understand the reasons why you smoke, the path to quitting and make a commitment to continue
$5.00 gift card
Self-Help Guide
2 Getting Ready
Develop the skills to quit smoking and stay quit
$10.oo gift card
3 Taking Action
Finalize your Quit Plan and practice how to manage cravings, stress or negativity
$10.00 gift card
Quit Kit
4 Staying Smoke Free
Learn how to recover from a slip or relapse and celebrate successes
$10.00 gift card


Resources for Parents and Caregivers:


Talking to your teens and young adults about smoking and vaping can be difficult. For tips on how to start the conversation, download our Tips for Parents/Caregivers: Conversations about Vaping.

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