Developing community-level environmental prevention strategies to address marijuana was a relatively new concept.  NCPC’s first success came in 2002, working with the City of Oceanside to adopt an ordinance restricting the location of smoke-shops, which commonly sold drug paraphernalia under the guise of it being for tobacco use.  In 2004, NCPC joined together with prevention colleagues throughout San Diego County to develop a county-wide initiative to counter pro-marijuana influences.  This initiative, called HARM (Health Advocates Rejecting Marijuana), is comprised of various community sectors throughout San Diego County to help coordinate, support, develop, and implement marijuana prevention efforts in regions and communities throughout the County.

NCPC has successfully implemented multiple prevention campaigns at the local level to counter pro-marijuana influences.

These campaigns have resulted in the adoption of private and public policies to restrict the sale of drug paraphernalia and pro-drug merchandise, ordinances to prevent the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries, and continued growth of an annual event “420 Remix” to counter the ‘unofficial marijuana holiday’ of April 20.