NCPC works in partnership with the San Diego County Marijuana Prevention Initiative to decrease the harm of marijuana use in our communities, especially among youth.

NCPC members felt strongly about naming marijuana specifically in their mission statement because past 30-day use of marijuana had surpassed cigarette use by young people, according to local school surveys.  This trend began in 1999 for 9th and 11th graders and in 2007 for 7th graders.

We use the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) to track changes over time in youth substance use. Long-term data from local school surveys indicated slight but steady declines in reported past 30-day use of marijuana from 2003 to 2007.

Unfortunately, the most recent student survey data from 2009-2019 indicate rates are now going up, which mirrors trends across California and the United States. The 2019 CHKS data for the Tri-City region, first time in its history, marijuana use is now surpassing alcohol use in the past 30-day use by 11th graders.

As part of our mission, NCPC works to change the norm surrounding youth marijuana use and educate youth and the community on its harmful effects on health.


The purpose of 420 Remix PSA Contest is to engage youth in developing messages for their peers to increase youth perception of harm from marijuana use, and decrease marijuana use by youth.

Street Fairs and Outdoor Events

Advocate for the adoption of vendor policies at local street fairs to eliminate the sale of drug paraphernalia and pro-drug items.

Prevention Campaigns

NCPC has successfully implemented multiple prevention campaigns at the local level to counter pro-marijuana influences.

Pro-Marijuana Movement

NCPC efforts to counter pro-marijuana influences at the local level.

Additional Information 

In November 2015, NCPC endorsed SAM’s (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) Resolution Opposing the Legalization and Commercialization of Marijuana. Click here to view resolution!

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