We believe youth drink too early, too much and too often. One way to combat this problem is by decreasing access through local social host ordinances, which protect everyone from the hazards common to underage drinking.

The Social Host Ordinance (SHO): is a law that addresses the problem of underage drinking by making it illegal for anyone to host a party where minors (anyone under the age of 21) are drinking alcoholic beverages. All cities and unincorporated areas of San Diego County have enacted Social Host Ordinances.

The Consequences: Anyone who hosts a party, gathering or event where minors are consuming alcohol may be…

  • Cited or arrested
  • Fined up to $1,000
  • Incarcerated for up to six months
  • Billed for police services

If you’re interested in reading specific North San Diego County city ordinances, please click on the links below:

Oceanside Social Host Ordinance

Vista Social Host Ordinance

Vista Social Host Ordinance (Revised August 2019)

Carlsbad Social Host Ordinance

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