420 Remix PSA Winners 2020

Winning Still Images Category: 

1st Place Winner- Madison Matella, Oceanside High School 

“Life is the most precious gift, and the teenage years are a deciding factor of how that life will be made. Having been a member of my club’s chapter of North Coastal Prevention Coalition for 3 years, I have grown aware of how marijuana can change a teenager’s future forever, and limit their chances of joy and success. This has driven me to create a message that tells teens they are worth the future they have always wanted, and marijuana has no place in the story of their life.” – Madison Matella, Oceanside High School

2nd Place Winner- Kara Barragan, Bonita Vista High School

Health should be very important to us, because it’s what keeps us alive and thriving. Though, drugs can be very detrimental, such as vaping, which is a current craze with my generation; teens. Vaping is like an escape from reality and a very unhealthy coping mechanism. To help aid these teens, I was inspired to make my PSA poster with a number for teens to call if they require help for substance abuse. I hope this poster is a great reminder to all. Without our health, we have nothing!”-Kara Barragan, Bonita Vista High School

Early Entry Raffle Giveaway Winner- Jonathan Ty, Sweetwater High School

“Although marijuana is legal to use, as shown through the chains being broken, the adverse effects through the consumption of marijuana is damaging. The individual’s health is jeopardized through use of weed, therefore the chains with the symbol of health are to represent an imaginary barrier preventing/warning you from endangering yourself and your health.” -Jonathan Ty, Sweetwater High School


Winning Video Category:

1st Place Winner- Vanessa Ramirez, Bonita Vista High School 

I really wanted to spread the awareness of how damaging marijuana can be to a developing teenager because although marijuana is a substance that is common in high schools, it’s always made me sad to see people from my class and how drastically they have changed because of marijuana. Students who once tried and got good grades, now failing or barely passing their classes because of the lack of motivation and desire to do something after high school. It’s a substance I want future generations to avoid despite it being legal.” -Vanessa Ramirez, Bonita Vista High School 

2nd Place Winner- Justice Goff, Bonita Vista High School 

“When I first heard about the contest, I was particularly inspired by how wrongly the media portrays peer pressuring. I wanted to point out the power of saying no to invitations made by others to smoke, which don’t really have the same force depicted in movies, videos, etc. The message I wanted to convey was the importance of saying no not in order to rebel against the new trend of smoking marijuana, but saying no as to prioritize health over the curiosity to try something that can be harmful though legal.” -Justice Goff, Bonita Vista High School 

3rd Place Winner- Jayden Pacheco, Bonita Vista High School

The reason why I put so much hard work and passion into my craft because, I once was a victim of marijuana. There was a point in my life were I relied on it. It makes you weak mentally. A lot of people do it for the fun of it. Little do high schoolers know their brains are still developing, and once they get older they will soon realize intelligence is everything and be full of regret.” -Jayden Pacheco, Bonita Vista High School