NCPC has implemented several public awareness campaigns to educate the community about the Social Host Ordinance.  Campaigns have included the following:

  • Billboards on Route 78 between Vista and Oceanside

  • Ads on North County Transit District Buses

  • Street Banners displayed in the Tri-City area

  • The North Coastal Prevention Youth Coalition’s Youth Voice Project
    • The following placards were developed by NCPYC Youth members and displayed in the store aisles of 11 local markets.

  • Sticker Shock Campaign

If they can’t buy it, don’t supply it!

The “Sticker Shock” campaign brings prevention advocates and store owners together to spread an important message to customers that providing alcohol to minors is illegal. Sticker Shock involves placing brightly colored stickers on multi-pack alcohol products with messages aimed at adults to comply with underage drinking laws.