With 34,000 youth starting to smoke in California each year, many local communities have taken action to protect the youth in their communities.

To do that, cities have taken a stand against youth access to tobacco products and illegal sales at retailers, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and more.

Most importantly, many communities have adopted strong local tobacco retailer licensing ordinances that include licensing fees high enough to fund enforcement programs and strong penalties in the case of violations.

Cities in San Diego County that have Tobacco Retail Licenses in place:

  • City of El Cajon (2004)
  • City of Vista (2005)
  • City of San Diego (2007)
  • City of Solano Beach (2009)
  • City of San Marcos (2016)

Youth Tobacco Use: Results from the 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey

Infographic: Youth Tobacco Use - Results from the 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey

Youth Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students- United States