Healthy Environments Against Tobacco

Serving the cities and unincorporated areas
of North County

To help you better understand who we are and what our purpose is, here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers:

Who are we?
We are the Tobacco Control Program from Vista Community Clinic. Healthy Environments Against Tobacco (H.E.A.T.) is the name of one of our projects.

Where are we located and who do we serve?
We are located at 1000 Vale Terrace in Vista, CA. We serve the cities and unincorporated areas of North County.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to improve the health of the community by reducing the risk of second hand smoke through education and other prevention methods.

What exactly is multi-unit housing?
Multi-unit housing refers to apartment buildings, condominiums and town homes.

What is secondhand smoke?
Secondhand smoke includes the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar or pipe combined with the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

For more secondhand smoke information, please click here: SECONDHAND SMOKE INFORMATION

How might I be affected by this?
If you live in a multi-unit home, and someone also living in that building is smoking, there is a good chance that you may be breathing in their secondhand smoke. There are a lot of respiratory health problems that a person may experience after being exposed to secondhand smoke.

How can I get more information about turning my multi-unit housing complex smoke-free?
Please visit our CONTACTS PAGE for a full list of our staff and contact information.

List of North County Smoke Free MUH Properties – Smoke-Free MUH North County List

Compliance and Enforcement Toolkit for Public Housing Agencies


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