Residents of Multi-Unit Housing Complexes

If the complex that you live in doesn’t have a smoke-free policy, you may be inhaling another person’s secondhand smoke!

There are many benefits that come with a smoke-free policy: 

Those who are non-smokers are not involuntarily exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Children and their developing lungs are no longer exposed.

Lowering the amount of secondhand smoke a person is exposed to, lowers the chance of acquiring respiratory problems or chronic illness associated with secondhand smoke in the future.

To view brochures created by Vista community Clinic’s Tobacco Control Program,
CLICK on one of the following:

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 Here are a few helpful links that residents may find useful:


         Secondhand Smoke Survey: Summary of Key Findings
        • Secondhand Smoke Survey: Summary of Key Findings for Multi-Unit Housing
        • New Survey Shows Apartment Residents Want Regulation of Drifting Tobacco Smoke

Options for YOU:

Need Assistance in what steps to make if your apartment is effected by secondhand smoke call :

Vista Community Clinic Tobacco Control Program 

Nancy Rocha, Program Coordinator

760-630-5000 x.1050,

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