Serving the South Coast Region and Creating Smoking-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Vista Community Clinic Tobacco Control Program’s goal is to improve the health of the community by reducing the risk of second hand smoke through education and other prevention methods.

Where are we located and who do we serve?
We are located at 1000 Vale Terrace in Vista, CA. We serve the cities and unincorporated areas of North County. We provide support and technical assistance to residents effected by secondhand smoke and apartment managers and owners of affordable multi-unit housing who are interested in implementing a smoke free policy.

What is secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smoke includes the smoke or aerosol from the burning end of a cigarette, electronic smoking device, cigar or pipe combined with the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

For more secondhand smoke information, please click here: SECONDHAND SMOKE INFORMATION  or click here TOBACCO FREE CA to learn what you can do to help your Apartment complex go smoke free.

How might I be affected by this?

If you live in a multi-unit home, and someone also living in that building is smoking, there is a good chance that you may be breathing in their secondhand smoke. There are a lot of respiratory health problems that a person may experience after being exposed to secondhand smoke.

How can I get more information about turning my multi-unit housing complex smoke-free?
Contact Nancy Rocha, Program Coordinator at or 760-631-5000 ext 1050

List of North County Smoke Free MUH Properties – Smoke-Free MUH North County List


Resources for Managers and Owners

Benefits of Smoke Free Building 

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping – Bottom Line

Thirdhand Smoke in Apartments and Condos

Getting Started on Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Example of a Smokefree Lease Addendum

Compliance and Enforcement Toolkit

Finance Savings: Unit Turnover Cost Calculator

Smoking Cessation Resources

Upcoming Events and Webinars 

Resources for Residents




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