In an effort to curb the prescription drug abuse problem in North County San Diego, NCPC participates with the San Diego County Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force.

Prescription drugs can be lifesavers. They can also help people manage health problems. At the same time prescription drugs (Rx) are a leading cause of addiction and accidental overdose deaths throughout the country. In San Diego County, prescription drug deaths outpace deaths due to vehicle crashes.

NCPC urges North County residents to safely and properly dispose of unused or expired medications. We support the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Initiative and work with local law enforcement to provide portable prescription drug drop boxes available at events across North County.

Take Back Day on October 28,2017

Had a great turnout for DEA’s bi-annual Rx Take Back Day. NCPC along with N. County Young Marines handed out educational materials to community members that focused on prescription drug safety and the importance of keeping your medications locked up. Great work! #takebackrxsd

Click here to find 2018 Take Back Day dates :

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