$2.8M worth of drugs found at boarder: #methepidemic #drugs #drugdealing #sandiegoboarder #cbp

Hold your unicorns! Trump’s cut in drug discount program involves controversy and mystical creatures #prescriptiondiscounts #340b #hospitaldrugdiscount #unicorns 


High hopes of weed fall short 

GoFundMe for woman whose nose was bitten off by drunk friend: 
Check out this video: Lack of education about vaping causes teens harm 
Conflict of interest: Southern CA county supervisor votes on marijuana when money tied to industry 
Professor honored for prenatal alcohol exposure work:
Escondido police and religion: trying to stop DUIs 


Smoking ban for public housing 


Cannabis poisoning in kids


If you can’t take the heat, stay off of the vape: JUUL company taking heat for underage users while trying to win over investors 


Some youth in detention battle with drug use: 


Cancer in a pill: heart and blood pressure pills recalled due to cancer-causing substance 



Take Back: CVS gets on board with stopping drug epidemic 


How to talk to youth about vaping 
Controversial execution postponed 
Smoke on a plane: emergency due to a co-pilot smoking an e-cigarette 
Rerouting money: hospitals not using fed dollars on low-income patients and prescription pills


Juul lowers nicotine content in pods as the company gains investors 


Blurry lines at the boarder: marijuana regulation at the Canadian and US boarder 
Tobacco sales go down in San Diego 
Don’t break my heart: flavored e-liquids from e-cigarettes may cause heart damage 
Help with addiction: need for State Bill to help with youth addicted to marijuana 


Spice drug man caught over selling $1M worth of the drug: 
Marijuana harms pets: how eating edibles or having second-hand contact affects dogs differently 
Trying to quit smoking just to end up not quitting: are e-cigarettes effective? 
Not much different from a cigarette: e-cigarettes and cardiovascular risks:


E-cigarette nearly blows a man’s private parts to bits 
False marijuana “facts” flood the internet and media:

The addiction and families: the key for people overcoming addiction 

LA police chiefs warn UK police chiefs: legalization of marijuana leads to complications with law enforcement 


San Diego County invests more into substance treatment:

Controversial drug cocktail for inmate execution:
Contaminate heroine causing severe health risks:


5 things to know about JUUL:
Hookah: not every teen is doing it
Limit the alcohol or fear the consequences for this fourth of July:
Dealers caught for synthetic cannabis drugs:


Marijuana standards raised as BAC limits lowered: New California Laws

Praise for marijuana even as teens suffer
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