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Protect the animals: marijuana causing this furry critter to become endangered
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Cannabis industry claims more equality since legalization, but one of their own shows discrimination:
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The darknet and drugs: a big bust leads to other cases
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Country budget: funding for mental health and drug services but not immigration

Watch this video to learn more about Flavored Tobacco affecting youth:
When the marijuana business is risky business:
Fentanyl Kills: how this deadly drug could end up in opioids 
Another motivation to quick smoking: Child Labor and Tobacco
Putting resources in the wrong area: white house administration prosecutes immigrants over dealing with drug cases
The art of scientific studies: NIH thwarts moderate drinking study
Marijuana use can become an addiction: what many should know but don’t know

mommy juice: how alcoholism is becoming normalized for mothers


Teens take the lead: how New Mexico youth are becoming involved in drug prevention:

Drugging migrant children: government treatment centers force drugs on immigrant children:
Murder by marijuana: the start of a trial for the woman involved in a fatal crash:

Teenage drinking and future parenting: how binge drinking could effect youth’s future kids’ health:

Let’s talk about JUUL: the marketing, language and advertisement techniques that swept millennial teens all in a three minute video
Good eats don’t include edibles: San Diego prohibiting marijuana in urban gardens:
How addictive is JUUL? Check out this podcast:

Canada’s got it right about vaping and youth, when will we?

Unaware to the truth: UK youth see cannabis as safer than alcohol, even though there are negative effects:
Youth, sex, drugs, depression and suicide: a recent survey with eye-opening findings
Raising children in weed-land: what are your opinions about this article? Please share with us on our social media accounts!
Advertisement, marijuana, and youth: how marketing affects young people
Marijuana in e-cigarettes: youth vaping more than just tobacco


Money to help youth resist tobacco
Vaping devices potential path to heroine and cocaine
Don’t know about JUUL e-cigarettes? Want to learn more? Check out this presentation led by youth


Dangers of being wide-awake: youth using other means to stay up other than coffee


How does nicotine in JUUL affect youth?


E-cigarette companies target youth through scholarships
Convenient store owner arrested in connection to underage drinkers’ accident 
Flavored tobacco addiction for youth in Syria
White House tackles youth opioid abuse through videos


The fight for smoke-free youth trending: local governments fight against flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes


Addiction to e-cigarettes: a youth shares his story
Snapchat and drugs: illicit markets harming youth via social media
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