Synthetic Cannabinoids “Spice” “K2”

“Spice” is a toxic, man-made, chemical drug. There is nothing plant based about the drug. The drug is sprayed/laced onto plant material.
The plant material is the fuel source to burn and vaporize the chemicals. Inhaling or ingesting the chemical fumes/chemicals causes the high.

Between Jan. 1, 2013 and Nov. 30, 2015 there were 169 calls for service related to Spice. In November of 2015 the business community started complaining to the city.  We started to work with City Attorney and Police Department.  We were able to bring resources to City Attorney.

In April 2016, city of Oceanside passed an ordinance that banned any sales of synthetic drugs. The ordinance is more comprehensive than existing State laws and included hefty fines.

  • Banned hundreds of chemical formulas and chemical classes
  • Civil fines of $500 PER PACKAGE for mislabeled drugs. Includes labels
    (i.e. ‘not for human consumption’)

Oceanside Synthetic Drug Ordinance

Presentation on Best Practices and Solutions for Local Control on Synthetic Drugs (New Psychoactive Substances)

As a result of the Synthetic Drug Ordinance, the city of Oceanside saw a drastic decrease Spice poisonings that resulted in transportation to emergency room. Due to decrease in Spice poisonings resulted in saving the city of Oceanside at least $100,000.

If you would like to contact City Attorney for more information, please contact John Byrom at or 760-631-5000 X 7149


Educational Materials – Available in English and Spanish can be found here!



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