The California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) and the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) are happy to announce that a new tool for projects working on smoke-free multi-unit housing (MUH) is ready and available for your use!

The Smoke-free Multi-unit Housing Calculator allows MUH owners and managers to determine their own local, real costs of turning over an apartment that’s been smoked in, verses one that has been smoke-free.  There are many general averages for turnover costs discussed in smoke-free housing literature– ranging from a few hundred to thousands of additional dollars in costs for repairing and reading a smoked-in apartment for a new tenant.  We have heard projects wonder if the national averages represent communities as expensive as San Francisco and Los Angeles, or the more rural side of life, where costs of housing and turnover services could be significantly less.  This calculator will allow those you work with to use enter their real costs, including loss of vacancy and other concessions (which are typically higher when smoke-damage has happened in an apartment), as well as the actual costs of cleaning.  An additional benefit is that the calculator works as a checklist of things that oftentimes should be done in an apartment suffering from cigarette smoke damage.

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New Tool: Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Calculator!